The Truth About Digital Transformation

August 30, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Digital transformation is a buzzword among C-Suite executives. The term is used broadly across the board, The notable impact of digital transformation shakes the entire foundation of any organization. Most senior management executives agree that there are benefits to it. The question now is the benefit worth the cost and the hassle? Most organizations cannot afford a full transformation. Segmented transformation lengthens and increases disruption.  A Fujitsu study shows that digitally transformed companies are 26 percent more profitable and valued 12 percent more than its competitors. The figure may not seem significant unless your company valuation is at least in the seven-digit range.  However, smaller companies can embrace digitization faster and cheaper than large bureaucratic companies.  This article talks in detail about what exactly digital transformation can do and how it applies to your business.

-Miyagi Kazuki

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